Illinois Department of Employment Security (unemployment)

As a past Administrative Law Judge of the Illinois Department of Employment Security, I have substantial experience with the administrative process.  This is one of the reasons, I have a great record.  For example, I just won a case before the Illinois Department of Human Rights.  My client was a company that fired the employee because they did not want her working for them.  The IDHR agreed, and found no substantial evidence of discrimination.  A recent hearing before the Department of Labor found in favor of my client.  If it is labor/employment for either employer or employee, you know we have the experience.

11/15/13  This case has to do with right versus wrong.  Jeffrey M. Jacobson won for his client.  This was argued against by Illinois Attorney General and Illinois Department of Employment Security.  In that case, Mr. Jacobson’s client (white hat) was cooperating with the FBI because his employer, Brinson-Midwest (black hat) was allegedly involved in illegal activity.   Mr. Jacobson’s client lost his job because he was a whistleblower and cooperating with the FBI.   Because of his cooperation with the FBI, the client was denied unemployment benefits.  Mr. Jacobson argued that the trial court should send the case back to IDES for a new hearing.   The State of Illinois argued that the court should not allow Mr. Jacobson’s client to receive a new hearing.  The trial judge agreed with my arguments that Mr. Falco is entitled to a new hearing.  Shortly,  my client will get all of his benefits.  Make sure to stay tune for the next winning for my client in the whistleblower lawsuit against Brinson, Inc.  It is a Federal case an certainly interesting.