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Illinois Real Estate Law-Experience is the difference

Jeffrey M. Jacobson has over 20 years of closing on residential and commercial real estate, there is not a type of property we cannot handle.  We are your Illinois real estate attorney.  Whether it is a small mobile home to a $7,000,000.00 commercial building, we are there for you. Typically your home is the largest financial purchase or sale.  You cannot leave the transaction to inexperienced people.  There is a reason why we are constantly being told we are like no other attorney.  It is our attention to details and concern for your largest purchase.  Lately, a short sale creates a lot of pit falls and demands a lot of attention. We still believe that residential real estate closings should have a flat fee.  Also, if this is your personal home, we do not charge our fee if the deal falls through.  We believe that you experienced enough hardship.  It is that commitment that has our past clients referring us to their family and friends, and return to us for their next sale or purchase. We are so passionate about commercial and business real estate that Jeff Jacobson is the president of a Starker exchange (1031 exchange).  If you are thinking of buying or selling and want to use a 1031 exchange, give me a call and I will explain to you what you need to know.  The call is free, so there is no need to hesitate. Sometimes things go wrong.  We have experience in litigation, should someone breach their contract with you, or commit fraud.  We are licensed in both the State of Illinois and the Unites States Federal Court for Illinois as a member of the Trial Bar.   We are there every step of the way to protect your rights.  When someone breaches those rights, we remain in front fighting for you. You need someone that knows what they are doing, because time is of the essence.   Jeff Jacobson is available to talk to you about your real estate closing.  In addition, there are financial consequences to every real estate deal.  Find out what you need to know before you do not have time to fix it. Rated one of the top 200 real estate attorneys in the State of Illinois. Our construction practice focuses on all phases of a construction project.  From development, structuring and finance issues, hiring, designing and selling.   We counsel our clients regarding construction contracts, bidding documents, employment and other agreements related to project design, specification, construction, and financing, and we are experienced in drafting and reviewing such documents.  We advise our clients on construction dispute avoidance, claim preservation, and alternative dispute resolution.[/ezcol_1half]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.  The Bureau was designed to protect the consumers.  In the CFPB Bulletin 2013-01 released on February 11, 2013, the CFPB attempts to stop the late charges to consumers because they sent the mortgage payment to the old mortgage company.  Now if within 60 days of a mortgage company transferring your loan to another company, you make the payment to the old mortgage company, the new mortgage company cannot claim the payment is late.  In the past, if you sent the payment to the old mortgage company, the new mortgage company would report to the credit reporting agencies that you were late, and charge you late fees.  The Bulletin also sets other terms for mortgage brokers.  There are lots of new rules that will be implemented in 2014.  The rules are set to be effective on February 10, 2014, but it may be extended.