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For over 25 years, Jeffrey M. Jacobson has been handling Illinois employment and labor law.  He has settled employment and labor cases for six figures or more.  He is an experienced employment and labor attorney representing individuals and businesses.   You need an attorney that brings leadership, experience and trust to the court room.
Just recently, he represented part-time firefighters and settled against the Village of Barrington and Barrington Fire Department, Inc for over $400,000.Jeffrey M. Jacobson created new law in Federal Court related to an employee that had an order of protection. The Court agreed with Mr. Jacobson that his client could not be fired. His years as an Judge with the IDES gives him the experience to understand administrative hearings. Call us now to set up a free consultation at (331) 222-9LAW (9529).


Jeffrey Jacobson represented three Barrington Fire Department fire fighters.  They were fired for whistleblowing.  After rigorous litigation, the Village of Barrington and other defendants agreed to settle for $430,000!  The fire fighters were more than happy.  Also, the Village of Barrington completely changed their procedures related to the whistleblowing so that it is much harder for an employee to be a ghost payroller.

    Jeff Jacobson’s years as an Administrative Law Judge for Illinois Department of Employment Security has given him the knowledge of the law and procedures with administrative law.  Just recently a client handled his own case employment case, contact us after he lost.  The client lost up to the Appeal level.  He then retained Jeff Jacobson to represent him at the Board of Review.  While Jeff Jacobson was locked in to the client’s testimony, it turned out that we were able to find the problem with the hearing.  We filed the brief, and the Board of Review agreed with Jeff Jacobson that the client was entitled to benefits.  The Board found that the client was discharged and it was not because the client committed misconduct.  The client received a check for his back benefits.  DO NOT TRY TO HANDLE YOUR CASE ON YOUR OWN.  This like other areas of law should not be done without an experienced attorney.  With over 20 years practicing law, Jeff Jacobson has the experience.
    CASES:  Jeffrey M. Jacobson successfully represented an employee that lied at his unemployment hearings.  The employee was working for the FBI, and was required to keep everything a secret.  The IDES denied the client benefits, but the court said that he lied for the public good.

New case law update:  ILLINOIS SUPREME COURT holds that an Internet company that does not have a brick and mortar place in Illinois, cannot charge state sales tax for purchases delivered to Illinois!!!  Click this link to read the case.

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Past representation of clients and their awards/settlements does not have any bearing on future settlements/awards.   Each case is different, and there are no guarantees.